Ian Preston 

A gift for your guests

Singer -  Trained and experienced

MC - Experienced, English no script needed

Dj - Knowledge of international music, mixing blending and timing professional

His story

Il write this as in third person :)

During the meal the guests are given the free rein to relax and enjoy their meal with the creatively selected dinner music.

Dinner entertainment is in flow. If your guests are in a happy flow then I flow with them, I never ask/ demand / or suggest to guests that they dance and sing during their meal.. But i do not tell them not to. 

You only have your guests in one place for a few hours, why not make the most of it.

The charioteers in your group are wanting to shine, so i let them.

From where you two lovebirds are sitting you will see your clan come alive as we cruise towards the cake cutting, bar opening and first dance.

To recap,, I look after your besties, i sing during the meal and play some amazing music designed in flow around you and the flavor of your day.

Onto the disco,,, by this time i know everyone, I know what you all like and dont like. I cant go wrong. 

A combination of live singing sets, the best floor fillers, my own unique entertaining skills and some random percussion.

Some fancy in-action photos

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