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"Having the music and the photography already in place can give you a lot of peace of mind for your day, especially if these two know how to work together. But you probably question yourself on how does this impact your wedding"?

 Good question, and we´d like to give just one of many examples: If the music is timed to the photographer and the photographer knows (music wise) the important moments, it can ensure that the photographer catches the most amazing moments in time. On the music side, if the photographer knows the style of the entertainment the photographer knows when to look in the right direction and how emotion will occur which needs to be pictured as these are the special moments you will look back on.

Beside of the little things a duo can add to your wedding we specialize on destination weddings with the benefit for you that we love what we are doing and still do not fed up with travelling around all the time.

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Ian Preston Entertainment

From the north of England and with over 20 years of world-wide experience, he has entertained dignitaries, celebrities, global businesses and hundreds of wedding parties. His eclectic style has been recognized within the music industry and has worked with some big acts such as Boy zone, Gypsy Kings, , The Swarovski Family and Gucci.

His distinctive music style blends contemporary and classic hits, with a jazz tone. The Ian Preston Experience is guaranteed to have event goers entertained and on the dance floor all night long.

Ian travels throughout Europe to perform as well as having residencies in Spain and Germany.


Miriam Crangle Photography

To help you celebration the party of your lifetime in any destination you dream of.